Jan 7, 2011

friday finds - metronome

This week's find has so much to do with music. I am sure pianists and musicians would be familiar with this very useful and beautiful invention of the 19th century. 

Here is what I found this week - Vintage, all wood, mechanical Metronome with its original brass key!
I had been to a local antique show recently and came across a beautiful all wood instrument with a wind up mechanism. The sellers were a senior couple who patiently explained the functioning and use in detail. Thanks to them, I came to know about a very valuable instrument which has a prominent place in the world of music. I did not have my camera with me, so thought I'd share pictures from the www. :).

Name: Metronome
etymology: metron = measure, nomos = regulating
Usage:  by musicians to maintain a constant tempo while playing an instrument or vocal training. 

Brief History:
The mechanical metronome was invented by a Dutchman named Dietrich Winkle in the early 1800's. (like the one I saw). Metronomes were said to be used by well known composers including Beethoven

How it works:
A "Metronome" is a device used by musician for managing tempo. The instrument emits a 'tock-tock' type noise at regular intervals. These audible pulses happen at intervals are measured in Beats-per-Minute. The pendulum can be adjusted to varying tempos. (Tempo is most always measured in beats per minute (BPM); metronomes can be set to variable tempi, usually ranging from 40 to 208 BPM)

 I am sure people who play the piano must be familiar with this instrument in its modern form.

A vintage style electric metronome

I recommend this video if you wish to understand the use of metronome better :)

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  1. I always learn something new on your friday finds series! Love it!

  2. thanks G...thats generous of u to say

  3. The wooden metronome is beautiful, but there's something about the vintage cream colored plastic one that I'm drawn to.

  4. great find...like i said i love the way your blog is...no changes reqd :)

  5. lovely finds!


  6. So, this is like a Western Shruthi Petti I guess? My IQ expanded today- Thanks Sudha :)Not sure if I wished you already- Happy New Year! I am checking all my fave blogs after ages. So, getting up to date now :)

  7. hi divya
    shruthi petti is for the scale and this is for tempo basically...:)i too thgt of shruthi petti when i saw this :)..Thank you for the wishes and wishing you a very happy new year too!


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