May 27, 2011

Friday Finds ~ Porringers

Another item I see in most antique stores ~ Porringers

Porringer is a small dish from which Europeans and colonial Americans ate their gruel or porridge, or other soft food. These bowls are generally 4" to 6" in diameter, and 1½" to 3" deep.

Colonial porringers have one handle 

whereas European ones tend to have two handles on opposite sides

Vintage 20s 30s Colonial Pewter Porringer Bowl 2 Handles
I found a few pieces with the owner's initials engraved on them. A few came with a lid as well.

Vintage Pewter Porringer
It is believed that these bowls, with single or double handles, originated in the medieval period in Europe. They were made of wood, ceramic, pewter or silver

Later ones were made of brass or aluminum as well. Peculiarity of these bowls are their flat handles. And unlike regular cups or bowls, their handles face upwards :)

Interesting facts
Original porringers are very rare and uncommon today. This is because, porringers made in USA prior to the American Revolution (c. 1776) were looted from kitchens and turned in, to make bullets for soldiers. The most famous colonial porringers are probably those made by Paul RevereNowadays, Porringers are given as a gift for the Christening of a child. Porringers resemble smaller quaich, a Scottish drinking vessel.


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  1. Amazing are one of the best researcher and antique finder that I know...Keep it up Sudha

  2. Lovely find...Never heard of these before... Always find something to learn from ur blog Sudha.. Thanks for sharing ..!!

  3. An enlightening article..enjoying it..

  4. Thank you so much Anu, Emreen and girls are so sweet with your comments. It is very encouraging

  5. Great and intresting finds!

  6. Glad to know all about porringers...
    Thanks for such a lovely post Sudha !!!

  7. Very informative and one of a kind post.

  8. I saw some of the likes in the antique shops here but never thought of them. I know what I am looking for next time :-)

  9. My god Sudha! So much knowledge!! Hats off to you!

  10. thank you all :)

    thats really to know most of the stuff from the dealer and his partner...then snooped around for some more... :)


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