Sep 14, 2012

My Favourite Corner ~ In a Facebook contest :)

The move between continents, left us exhausted and tired. The last four months were hectic and stressful. I had my fingers crossed and was praying that my vintage collection - furniture, kitchen and decor items, reach India with minimal breakage. Though things went better than we thought, we "lost" our vintage 1962 Guitar pluck - Lane acclaim side table :(. the precious piece lost its leg. What hurts is that I can never replace the vintage table here in India. Also, the fact that antiques and vintage items are irreplaceable. (I have gotten over the loss as I write this post..dint have a choice though)

After every move, I sit back and look at pictures we took in our previous home. This helps me forget the mess around me in the new place :). While I was doing just that, dearest Preethi Prabhu of Indya Kaleidoscope, announced a contest on the store's Facebook page.

The contest....
Indya Kaleidoscope has announced a -"Take this beauty home" Contest..where participants had to post a picture of  a "Favourite Corner of their home".  I have sent in my entry of one of my favourite corners of the previous apartment in Atlanta.


How I could win!..
All you need to do :)...Just click on the picture below. It will take you to the Indya kaleidoscope's contest page on Facebook. Like the picture and leave your wonderful comments for me to win the contest :)..the picture I sent in :)

I am looking forward to all your Likes :)..each like translates into a vote and improves my chances to win :). 

PS: I promise you will love browsing through the contest folder...there are other beautiful homes and corners for you to get going :)..

A reminder: 
Link to my picture : Indya Kaleidoscope - Sudha Iyer's Fav corner :)
The contest page: Take this beauty home contest ~ IK
Contest ends : 17th Sept 2012. (thats this Tuesday!!).so pl hurry!

Thank you for the votes/Likes in advance :)...see you soon..I am coming back with a wonderful store profile


  1. I wish I could vote for you but I'm not on facebook :( Good luck, though, I hope you win!

    What a shame you lost such a treasured piece. It is so sad when a vintage piece bites the dust. I hope everything else arrives safe and sound!

    1. thank you for the wish Tanya...i hope your stay is going well...the table was my fav...i really did felt i should have sold it before i came would have been "alive" woul;d have had a good home atleast

  2. Went to FB and liked your photo! Your wall unit is spectacular!!!

    1. Thank you so much...every one of your lovely comments and votes mean a lot to me :)

  3. with 15 minutes to strike 12. i voted, hope it counts.

    1. Thank you so much Asha...preethi mentioned on the page that the contest ends on 17th so i still have time..but i m so glad u voted...thanks for taking time out :)

  4. Looks really nice. Those Danish wall units are amazing!

  5. Looks really nice. Those Danish wall units are amazing!


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