Nov 29, 2010

Friday Finds - Shhhhh....

This week's find has an off beat name. :-)...hence the teaser!

I came across a shiny piece of kitchen utensil (so i thought) in a small thrift store and loved it. I clicked a few pictures with the shop owner's permission...and came back home to research about it, not knowing where to start, the picture went into my folder and lay there for a while. And then I saw this ad on craigslist and was thrilled to know the name of this mysterious kitchen utensil. It is called the Silent Butler. Funny name isnt it. The purpose of this kitchen accessory wasnt that funny though..:).. Before you laugh it should know that these pieces are priced anywhere between $100 to a few thousand depending on the period, make, material used and the amount of work done on them :-)


Silent butler??
A small receptacle with a handle and hinged cover, used for collecting ashes and crumbs.

Interesting isnt it!...How about looking at a few other silent butlers :)

A truly unique piece of sterling silver to add to your collection, this is it! Made by Tiffany and Company

Antique European Silver Silent Butler engraved with a pretty floral motif and trimmed with a figural scroll border. 

The silent butler sits on four claw feet and the hinged opening displays a charming shell finial. And the lovely ivory handle adds an exquisite touch! The silent butler derives its’ name from the concept of decrumbing a table with the presence of a hovering bultler. Charming indeed! A suggested modern day use- fill it with candy or nuts and place it on a coffee table. source:

This piece was made in Italy circa 1935/40. Comes with an ivory handle

How about a beautiful porcelain silent butler in the Kalk style. Rose & gilt floral pattern w/ moriage detail. Features Victorian style brass hardware & design

Another antique heavy gold gilt hand painted silent butler that is marked Royal Crown hand painted and numbered, but I can't quite make out the entire number. It has lovely floral either rose or apple blossom sprays and brass findings. It is in good working condition and has no chips and no cracks and very little wear. It measures 10 inches long and the thumb handle measures 4.5 inches tall overall. It has gold decorations inside on the bottom

There are rectangular box type ones as well. This piece has enamel work done on it.

Craftsman style hammered finish, in copper

It is said that apart from silent butlers, hostess also used a crumb tray to collect food crumbs..Trays and silent butlers were paired with a brush...exquisite isnt it!

Edwardian style crumb tray and brush

I love finding such amazing kitchen, furniture and utility pieces...Let me know your thoughts..and you are welcome to share such vintage finds to be featured on the design enthusiast!


  1. very interesting post. This kitchen accessory is so aptly named as the "Silent Butler'. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have never heard of these- sort of a broom and dustpan for the table? Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love it---they look so good---I would love to own the enamel work one. I can certainly see why they sell for several 100....gorgeous!

  4. these deserve to be displayed and not used for picking up ash! great post.

  5. Very Interesting indeed. I am sure there are a lot of other vintage pieces out there just waiting to be discovered by you :)

  6. oh this is a lovely find!! Very interesting.. and different!! They are gorgeous .. isnt it?

  7. loved those,no wonder they sell for 100s.Wouldn't mind picking ash all day long....

  8. Beautiful find! I know what to look out for the next time I go on flea market hunts! :)

  9. and let me know if you buy one..share a pic...would love to see it :)

  10. Cool!!! Never heard abt one like this before. Merry Xmas and a Happy New year


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