May 26, 2011

Happening Now ~ Green Week Conference in Brussels

No, this post is not misplaced and yes I intend to put it up here on the Design Enthusiast as well..My green ideologies are not different from the design enthusiast part of me. I appreciate reuse, repurpose and refuse fundamentals..and do not believe in recycling...not everything is recyclable and nor is the process very eco-friendly...I do not associate with the idea that you can get away with non earth friendly choices and just use the "REcycle" excuse..

want to know more...hop over to Environment/greenweek/


  1. Well, I have to confess. This is the one and only decor blog I read word by word. All the rest I look at the images and run my eyes over the text
    .. love ur research each b every time

  2. thanks preethi...i m glad i have readers like you ..keeps me going!!

  3. Oh yes .. Recycling is just a lame excuse to the bigger harm being done to the nature.
    I like the green enthisiast in you.

  4. Thank you Sangeeta glad to see that we share the same views..:)

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