May 2, 2011

Vintage Love ~ Floor Lamp

Came across this beautiful teak floor lamp and had to share it on TDE :). The owner repaired its broken stem with twine thread...and it still looks lovely


I go weak in my knees when I see wooden lamps. Here is another one (a very detailed view)

My grandfather made one in the late eighties. It is a simple lamp, but holds a special place in my heart. I lost the original shade but replaced it with a traditional Leather, Hand painted one (crafted by artisans who make puppets for Tholu  Bommalata ( traditional puppet show - Andhra Pradesh)


  1. It's so graceful Sudha! And I love your grandfather's lamp!

  2. Cool Lamps Sudha. I love these leather puppet lamps from andhra ( ofcourse I come from there)

  3. thanks Shanthi
    Great to know that you are from Andhra Pradesh too :)

  4. wow!! Lovely.. I dont have a floor lamp at home.. must get myself one!! :-)

  5. hmm:) This was my study table lamp for 3 years..!! :) love it and i am glad it is in safestestest hands :)

  6. thank u prachi, patty, Dana, Pravz

    glad u like the lamp...i plan to buy one of them some day :)

    thank u for saying that :)

  7. LOVE that first lamp. Fabulous! I think it wants to move into my home!


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