Jun 2, 2011

Amazing Antiques ~ Canterbury Mahogany Magazine Rack

Bought this Genuine Mahogany Canterbury Magazine rack....It was after I got it home, I realized how expensive even its reproductions were in popular big box stores..

drawer - dovetail construction with original brass knobs

brass wheels

Time Period: Circa 1910
Style: English, Victorian
Wood: Mahogany
Images my own


  1. I love the drawer feature. Beautiful!

  2. This is gorgeous! Where did you find it??

  3. Thanks guys..but lack of space i have put it for sale :(..
    @anu - in a local store on one of my antiquing trips..i dint mind paying more than i usually do...it is lovely isnt it!!

  4. Cool find. Oh!!! it is sad u r selling it off.

  5. Gorgeous!!

    Wanted you to know that I sent a Kreative Blogger award your way. Check out my blog to see the post. Have a great weekend!!

  6. Thanks shanti
    Thanks a ton for the honour Tanya :)

  7. Looks great Shanti...sad you are selling it...:-(

  8. This is gorgeous Sudha! Oh..sad you are selling it..??:(

  9. Classy. I'm curious about what magazines it might have held over its hundred years of existence. Just a fancy thought.

    I just hope Digital will not sound a death knell to magazines, ever.

    And the wheels, I suppose it makes it easy to bring it along where one is sitting. Useful.

  10. thanks anil, it was a very thoughtful design..the one i posted about was a unique model....someone saw this post and actually picked it up a few hours back...:)

  11. You got this Sudha!! Its gorgeous!! I love the drawer.. and the brown colour.. very pretty!!

    Also..I love the fact that it has wheels.. :-)

  12. thanks patty, it was pure mahogany...and i sold it :(


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