Jun 13, 2011

Letting things go ~ Downsizing

Downsizing is a painful yet, a very refreshing process.
This is how our apartment looked...Our love for pre-loved furniture goes well with our green living ideologies.

Having moved to a different apartment with space constraints and layout challenges, we had to let go a few things bought with careful thought and a lot of search and patience.

 We decided to live without a few things around us, and put them up for sale, and let them go to other lovely homes. Some things went to people we knew and others to new homes. As of now, we have  our mid century modern dining table with us.(I am finding it difficult to part with it :(

I am glad I met some really wonderful people who have similar design sense (else they would not have bought our stuff!!) and appreciate good design and furniture.

Lots of changes are on cards. We plan to wait and see how things move and then begin our hunt for vintage and pre-loved furniture that would hopefully stay with us for a really long time. The last few days have been hazy..Trying to recoup and collect myself. See you soon


  1. Sudha, You have some really great pieces of furniture. Its sad that you have to let them go. Lucky are those who will buy them.

    Loved your dining table and the rustic looking side table.

  2. thank you so much neha...things were a little difficult off late so had to make some changes..:) Part of life i guess. the rustic side table, you mean the cane one right, it is from india and is my SIL's collection

  3. Downsizing to my present home was the most liberating thing I had ever done. The next step is downsizing to a house without a zero lot line or to a townhouse and get out from under yardwork.

  4. No Sudha, I was talking about the one next to the wooden bench. I really liked it. Btw, which city are you in?
    I know what you mean....its all part of life.

  5. So true dana...letting go some very patiently bought stuff is so painful..i live in an apartment..so no yard work :)

    Neha- the small table is handmade and is 30 years old...got it from someone who does wood work here..i am currently in atlanta

  6. The color, decor, the placement.. The pics say that you are a connoisseur of art and artefact's. I simply loved the feel. Warmth oozes out of all corners.

  7. Downsizing is indeed heartwrenching :( But moving homes is fun aint it??

  8. @Asha
    thank you

    yes it is...and more so when we are not moving :)


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