Sep 23, 2011

Friday Finds: Brazilian Designer: Semana Carlos and his Reclaimed Wood Furniture

This week's Friday Find is a Furniture Designer who believes in being Environmentally responsible...(me likes!!!).  After I had posted about Thomas Wold and his super creative work>> HEREDivya of Sound Horn Please shared her find with me. (Thanks Divya)...:-). I immediately created a draft post and somehow forgot to publish it the next time. Sorry about that...

So here I go...

“Good design has a social and environmental responsibility,” says Motta, who makes many of his chairs, benches, tables and desks from wood salvaged from demolition sites. “A piece of furniture has to last for a long, long time, because we don’t change how we sit, sleep, eat, write, and so on, so the overall attitude should stay the same.” Motta, who says he likes to design for people who have the same basic needs as he does, calls the use of reclaimed wood in furniture “a simple matter of sustainability.” To follow is a selection of furniture that will be shown at the exhibition. 
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A few of his creations
Motta’s Butantã bench, which he says is “made of reclaimed wood from an old bridge demolition."

Motta calls this Aroeira-wood table Jaraguá—“another beautiful Brazilian Indian name,” he says. “This wood was once part of a post used by the English company Light, when they came to Brazil in 1910 to install power lines from São Paulo to inland towns.” 

The Mantiqueiras sofa, designed in 2001 of peroba rosa. “This is a very low sofa, so you sit very close to the floor,” says Motta. “I made the first one for my house in the mountains, to go right in front the fireplace.

Designed in 2009, the Butantã bench is held together by small, patinaed iron I beams.

Horizonte desk in waxed peroba rosa and cabriúva wood, iron and leather, from 2009

Taguaiba Armchair motta square
Named after a surf spot on the São Paulo coast, Taguaíba was designed in 2008 of peroba wood. Motta says that he strives to “stay far away from the ephemeral and what is en vogue,” in his designs, which he hopes “fulfill their utilitarian function and are comfortable and durable, with a good aesthetic

I really loved his wholisitc approach to using reclaimed wood and mixing it with other reclaimed material...Isn't he an artist :-)

Read more about his work >>Here and >>Here

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  1. thanks Divya...for sharing info about Motto...sorry about the delay :-)

  2. Such amazing re-use of materials. I'm in love with the chair!

  3. Those are gorgeous pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely pieces.... Amazing work... when we see that it is made of recycled wood...

  5. wow...great work and awww..hat it.

  6. Beautiful furniture with reclaimed wood.Wish I could own one of those pieces.

  7. These are fantastic, rustic charm as I love it! Specially loved the Horizonte desk, that's a beauty.


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