Jan 24, 2012

Artist Showcase ~ Bhavana Vijay

One of the blessings of being a blogger- you get to meet talented and very creative men and women who never cease to amaze you. Bhavana is one such wonderful person. An amazingly talented artist, a very busy mom of two and a sweet, down to earth lady. Another reason for my excitement - She is a hyderabadi too!! :P..pl excuse my excitement!!

To many, her work needs no introduction. This post is more of a documentation of my admiration for this very creative lady.  A Mudra Institute of Communications Graduate, Bhavana began her career in advertising only to realize she was cut out for spending time in her studio with her brushes and easel. 

Starting the showcase with this sketch of my favorite god - Ganesha

Bhavana says" Art has been in my life for as long as I can remember. I would doodle in my textbooks much to my teachers chagrin and later continued to do so in air, tracing the edges of everything in sight, prompting weird glances from those around!"

She could not devote time to art during her school and college years. A bachelors degree in mathematics and electronics, and a Masters in Advertising led her to work for a leading advertising company. A few years later, in November of 2005, she decided to start painting again.  

Love her representation of the NY traffic : Midnight Jam

She says."Getting back to painting has been the best decision of my life. It has enriched my life in so many marvelous ways."

About her work
"I paint whatever excites me. Over time, I have found that I need to feel a story emerging from my paintings to be excited about them. I am partial to night scenes (in an urban and landscape setting) and unique still life."

Her specialties : City Scapes, Landscapes and still life. I am unable to choose among her works to list my personal favorites :)
Open Late

Her love for Pastels
"I discovered pastels by accident. After starting with oils in November, the fumes started hurting my eyes and I turned to soft pastels. It was love at first touch."

Her pastels - while work in progress

About Pastels
Bhavana says "Soft pastels consist of the purest form of artist pigment combined with just enough binder to allow them to be formed into usable sticks. Pastel paintings are luminous with vivid color and incredible texture. Pastels are the most permanent artist medium if created and protected properly, as the medium cannot crack or yellow." 
All her paintings are made on archival quality, acid free support. This is one of her favorites, and isnt for sale :)..Wedding picture..loved her representation of a beautiful bride and a handsome groom 
she loves pastels due to the immediacy of the medium. She says "I don't need to wait for paint to dry and can apply the pigment directly to the paper. To see and feel the vivid colors go on smoothly is pure joy." 

More of her stunning work..her ethnic jewelry series

Accomplishments and Published work
Ethnic Danglings
Juried into The Maryland Pastel Society Web Show 2010.

Published in the online zine Courageous Creativity 
@ http://www.flyingchickadee.com/zine.html

Street Abalze
Juried into the Maryland Pastel Society Members Only Juried Show 2010. "Streets Ablaze" also won the CPS Outstanding Achievement Award.

"Towards Light" won a merit award  in the members-only juried exhibition by the Maryland Pastel Society at the Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland. 

Tea for one 

"Tea for One" was chosen in The Pastel 100 competition 2007 by the Pastel Journal and published in the April 2007 issue of the magazine.
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My sincere Thank you to Bhavana, for letting me share her work on The Design Enthusiast. For more information: Please check her website to see more of her work and her accomplishments.  Use the  contact form to send in inquiries, to buy original artwork, order giclee prints or commission a painting >>link Here

Pic courtesy: Bhavana Vijay


  1. I have always been a fan of Bhavna's work!! Super post Sudha.

  2. What a post Sudha :) Thanks for making us aware of such a talented artist. I am totally floored by her work. Loved her traffic paintings....so innovative. Thank you for bringing her work in front of us.

  3. I am glad you both like her work...she is amazing!!

  4. wow..i love all her paintings. i will say she has a divinity in her work.

  5. What an amazingly talented woman! I especially love Midnight Jam and Street Ablaze. Fantastic!

  6. Wow!!those jewelry paintings look like they are ready to wear !!real life in them...Amazing artist.

  7. It was a joy to look at Bhavana's work, she is outstanding! The jewels could not have been more real! Thanks for the showcase Sudha!

  8. fantastic, marvelous and splendid!!!!!!extremely talented and blessed. I specially liked her jewellery paintings

  9. Oh, gorgeous art--I think I'd seen her work on some other blog earlier (perhaps anu's?) fell in love with her street scenes--she's really very talented!

  10. the paintings are so gorgeous and the jewelry looks like I can pick it right up! Thank you Sudha for featuring bhavana!Amazing work!

  11. I thank you all for the encouragement, am truly touched! Sudha, it is such an honor to be featured here. You are too kind with your appreciation of my work.

  12. Thats a totally stunning post!! Wow!! Am now totally in love with Bhavanas work!! wow!


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