Jan 16, 2012

House Beautiful ~ At home with Kamini

A great start to 2012 ...A visit to a beautiful home in my hometown, Hyderabad. :-) I have been following Kamini around ever since she started her blogs. Her decor and travel blogs are a  must read. 

Kamini's decor blog:
Saffron and SilkKamini is an Interior Designer by profession. After a degree in Economics from St.Francis college in Begumpet, Hyderabad, she moved to the US in 1984 and a few years later in 1994 went back to school for 3 years and pursued her real passion - Interior Design.
Kamini says "I practiced in the commercial/retail field for 10 years before moving back to India in 2006. My jobs over the 10 years included marine/boat design, retail store design for J.Crew, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sun Microsystems, Nordstorm and my last job was store designer for Starbucks Coffee Inc for 4 years." Impressive right! Now you know what to expect from her home :). 
She was gracious to give me access to her albums. Every nook and corner is so drool worthy that I decided to plan our visit in series of posts. 
Lets start with her entry way. Did I mention she is a wonderful artist and a DIYer..I could do a separate post on...:)

Love the Terracota accents and vintage curios doting the entry way...dont miss the old copper water boiler in the background...:)

Warli artwork and all the terracota stole my heart

Impressive collection of artifacts from her travels
Stay tuned for more from this lovely home... :)

Pictures: Kamini Raghavan of Saffron and Silk


  1. Looks like a great spot to sit with a book and a cup of coffee. All of that lush green is really relaxing.

  2. I love all the plants and things hanging everywhere. I'm especially fascinated by the hanging jars of ivy.

  3. Lovely house Kamini!
    Thanks for sharing it with us Sudha.
    Kamini's house is always very vibrant and cozy.

  4. Wow, what an amazing outdoor space!

  5. I saw it live and that entry porch is to die for. Raga told me that it is even more beautiful in the night time :-)

  6. Always been a fan of Kamini and her home. I've looked through that album so many times, that I can recognize them anywhere now :)

  7. WOW! This is so creative <3


  8. Forever in love with Kamini's style. Can't wait to see what she does with her new place. :)

  9. This is just beautiful!!!so full of ideas!

  10. Sudha - had no idea this was posted, but then again I am in la la land these days and a lot of stuff has escaped me. Thanks for doing this. Still waiting for you to drop by and see it personally :-) I'll be here till April, so plan a trip.

  11. Kamini's style is truly unique.. and I totally love.. love.. her home..


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