Aug 2, 2016

House Beautiful: At Home with Sharon

Glad to post this inspiring home tour from Pune, India. Lets peek into Sharon's lovely home. She is a lady of many talents and authors a popular lifestyle blog - The Key Bunch.

A Tete-A-Tete with her about her home, her work and her style mantra. Do not miss her tips on home styling and decor. :)

Handpainted pots and Warli wall art at the entryway

A little about your abode

It's a 3BHK flat, 1750 sq feet. I love the space because it's an open plan, and it allows me to move things around especially for my styling shots!

Decor and Style inspirations

I am very inspired by the desi global style of decorating mainly because it is a great way to mix anything Indian and still have a modern home. I am also on a mission to repurpose old things and re-using them in décor, so this style lets me do that without the home looking oddly mixed with the old and the new.

Favorite room or corner in the house

For all the styling and interior decoration I am obsessed with, I don’t have one favorite place. It’s wherever I am interacting with someone, or doing something I love – like playing a board game with my daughter, listening to my husband playing the guitar, or reading a bedtime story to my son.

Your prized piece of item / furniture or accessory

I think my Bhavnagari jhoola - she’s my drama queen, and can keep changing her persona – from casual to formal, romantic to staid, quite effortlessly.

Proudest DIY 

I couldn’t be prouder of my upholstered coffee table. I was hesitant to take it on, plagued with doubt; but from selecting and sourcing the fabric to working with a carpenter, it turned out simply beautiful. I would some day love to add upholstered furniture to my product line.

Favorite design and decor Shopping destinations

As a rule, I never buy extravagantly expensive stuff, because as a family we are not materialistic, and almost border on minimalism. We have the same stuff from the time we got married, and some of it handed down by our respective families. We are perfectly content. That said, being the décor lover I am, I do like to buy things that catch my eye, occasionally. 

Just yesterday I was at a store signing up space to display my product. I saw the staff removing an owl from their display. It was a beautiful piece, and when I asked them why they were taking it down, they said it was damaged. So I bought it at a steal! It’s these little purchases that make me ridiculously happy!

Tips for a cozy home

It’s your home, so decorate the way you want it – wildly pretty, heart-stoppingly beautiful and most of all comfortable. I know my family puts up a lot with all my décor madness, and I think I owe it to them to make the home as comfortable as possible. In fact, they sometimes play cricket inside the home,and I have left a little rectangular ‘pitch’ for them. Of course, I also have to make sure there are no breakables around.

A few snapshots of her beautiful kitchen

Thank you Sharon for the lovely tour. Do stop by her blog - The Key Bunch and check out her new venture  Style Radha, with products that she envisioned and designed. She is also working on a line of home furnishings using indigenous fabrics.

If you would like to see your home featured or know a lovely place, I would be happy to do a home tour on the Design Enthusiast. 

PS: Pictures courtesy Sharon. 

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  1. Great to see your home Sharon! Looks so inviting!

  2. Dear Sudha, it is an honor and a pleasure to have my home featured on your blog! thank you~


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