Aug 5, 2016

House Beautiful: My Own Home Tour - I

This is my first post of a series on homes my husband and I have shared over the years. We lived in lovely apartments in beautiful cities. Whatever furniture we had, always worked for us and the space. Throughout our transition, one thing in common was our determination to buy everything pre-loved.

This was our first apartment just after I moved out of my Grad school.  It was a 700 square feet one bedroom apartment with a small patio, and ample light and ventilation. We made a cozy eclectic looking place for ourselves on a shoe string budget :). We, however, did not stop exploring the city for our kind of furniture.

Loved the wonderful morning sun in the apartment 

A Re-purposed Green patch in the small patio

A simple DIY bird feeder very organic and sleek

My first bentwood

I went rocker crazy for a while and bought a Rex Rocker

 First MCM find, a slat bench :)

I bought this patio furniture which moved all the way to India now.

It was in this house that I started my blog. The entryway picture which later became my blog header.

we made some wonderful memories in this apartment before we moved to another one bed one bath

Clean line pencil legged furniture, geometric shapes appealed to me even before I knew the era and design timeline these design styles belonged to. Most homes in India got such furniture custom made by local carpenters and were inspired by what was seen in movies. (Do check out my series on art direction in Movies - Movies, Masti and Magic). It was only a blessing when I moved to Graduate School and was exposed to the whole array of garage sale finds, flea market and charity store treasures. The next few posts would be a peek into my living spaces over the last few years. So stay tuned :)


  1. Love this home sudha...
    So pretty!!

  2. Hi sudha

    Started following your blog only recently and am truly enjoying the posts... Your first home looks so cosy and warm. Loved the home tour.

    1. thank you sangita. so good to see you here. i do follow Sajavat. and have been off the radar for sometime now. Please do stop by often

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the inspiring designs . We loved the post .


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