Dec 14, 2009

Sun, moon and the stars!

I love using celestial elements as a part of decor. Its that time of the year when people bring in stars, snowflakes, glitter and sparkle into their living rooms.

Time and again, I have come across home decor theme and accessory based on Sun god. And I have liked them all.  I keep admiring bronze accessories for the Garden. Here are a few "SUN" themed things and ideas I liked.

Sun and the strong winds - An outdoor wall art

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A very pretty pewter - just whimsical

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Though not a Sun themed accessory..I liked it - A 3D star lantern
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Blazing Sun shaped copper frame

Image source:
 A colourful wooden wall plaque

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A vintage sun themed tile

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Found a funky Sun themed pebble mosaic in a bath room

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Isn't this a pretty tile (theme) for a kid's bathroom

 Image source:
Another Sun mosaic work done in a patio

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A beautiful backsplash - a brillant DIY by the home owners (an apartment therapy house tour find)
And finally Madhubani paintings of Sun God (at home)

Latest addition to my Sun based accessories collection is a tiny copper chime (ma-in-law got it from Banaras).

Mystery and legends associated with celestial objects have always been a part of human civilization and recorded history. Every ancient civilization in the world has regarded Sun as an energy source and respected it as one of the elements. Hindu rituals and beliefs are all based on the Sun, the moon and everything celestial.Egyptian Kings were said to have performed rituals to appease the Sun.

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The Aztec Calender and the Sun Stone used by the Mayans

Mysteries associated with anything celestial fascinate me..:)


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