Mar 30, 2011

New place ~ and we aren't there yet!

Hi folks, I have been very busy setting up the current apartment. I am falling in love with it..slowly, but yes, I am getting there I guess. In the meanwhile, I have not been on antique hunting or scouting for new stuff for the house. Infact, a lot of things found their way to thrift store and new homes :-). The kitchen, and our single bedroom still have a few things which are waiting to be arranged. ( Lesser storage space is not what I was looking forward to :(...but have to do with it).

A pair of teak chairs came home, to match the daybed/sofa..vintage, unmarked but costed more than what I generally spend on preloved furniture.

Sorry about the clutter...thats how we are living right now!

And btw, watch this space for a lovely guest post from a very talented lady -Shalini, who blogs at Sanctified Spaces. 

Sanctified Spaces


  1. Good to see you settling in, Sudha! Moving can be very stressful---you seem to be handling it very gracefully (I have a lot to learn in this department!)


  2. thanks anu, Gagan
    you guys are being so sweet :)...grace and me never go i am sure I am no different

  3. Your new space looks brilliant..and settle down soon want to see the new decor set up ..

  4. Your space looks cozy clutter at all. I like the lived in feeling.
    Liked the teak chairs and the olive green covers too...

  5. hi Shivani
    thank you :)

    thanks Sangeeta :)...i m still doing the cover part....they are not done yet :)

  6. All the best.Hope to see your space with your touch.And thank you for the lovely introduction.

  7. super nice!! yeh dil mangein more!!!

    wherz the clutter ? did i miss smthing :D

    btw.. living in smaller cluttered apartment is better than living arnd lizards *sob* *sob*..

  8. hey Pravz
    i cropped the pic to show a decent area in the apartment yes, i know lizards are no good!...we live happily with a few ants though :)


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